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School is the living continuation of learning at home.

Over time

We take care of the stimuli that surround the little ones, offering healthy impressions and a warm encounter.

Open Enrollment Period

Click on the video for more information. Call us at 965 176 172 to arrange a visit or fill in the following application questionnaire.

For the course 2022/23 our center extends its hours to adjust to the reality of the school and offer a better service.
There will be a morning 7:30 a 8:30and the school canteen collection is expanded from 16:30 a 17:00h.
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Primaria Waldorf

The GEA Association is born the year 2013 with the aim of spreading Waldorf pedagogy and making a Primary and Secondary school a reality in Alicante. Read more "

Primaria Waldorf Alicante

The dates of the school of mothers and fathers are already. “Just as the plant seeks and receives its materials from the soil to build its body, the young human being chooses his parents to build his physical body” Rudolf Steiner.

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