Dear friends,

Many of you know that the Waldorf Primary School Project in Alicante is moving forward and that, little by little, is taking shape.

In order to raise funds to finance the project, we present an original initiative, exciting and generous that is being possible thanks to some parents of the school, Myriam Fabregat and Pau Calabuig. They belong to the primary and growth work group and want to collaborate through this work.

Fruit of his vitality and curiosity, decided to take a six-month trip touring South America from Tierra del Fuego to the Galapagos with their two children who had 4 Y 2 years at that time. They were writing down their experiences in a blog ( and have decided to contribute their experience to finance the future Waldorf primary school.

They thought about publishing a book with their experiences surrounding the trip., not only to share the beautiful places they visited, but personal and family experience, and the people they met along the way, leaving an indelible mark on them.. To this end, they have generated a crowdfunding campaign that will allow the book to be published, later sell it and support the Primary and Growth group of the Waldorf School with the funds obtained..

We ask for your participation, dissemination and maximum collaboration since we have less than 40 days to get the proposed budget. Come in and enjoy the proposal!

Thank you very much to all.