Michael's party

Micael's party (San Miguel), led the first and second class students to experience small physical tests of brave knights and to seek all together balance and justice.

Feast of San Miguel or Micael


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Christian tradition celebrates the 29 September the feast of Saint Michael or, also called, archangel saint michael. The time of Saint Michael spans four weeks. This archangel is especially important for our time. Hans Werner Shoroeder dice: "Today Michael does not act as an archangel but as an arkai, as the inspiring spirit of our present time, as the inspiring spirit of our culture. Has risen from the realm of the archangels, for a while, to a higher watchtower, so to speak, and is equipped to put its absolute power at the service of the development of the entire humanity, and not from a particular town. " Michael as representative of Christ wants to guide us to the reality that Christ himself expressed in words: "Where two or more are in my name; there I am too. ". To achieve his ends, Micael works with the essence of Christ (love, truth and freedom). The adversaries represent the strength of the dragon and their goal is antipathy, division and disunity. His tools are fear and lies. ME- CA-EL is a name and a question at the same time (in hebrew: who- it is like- God?). The answer is: every man or human being because we are created in his image and likeness. We have your breath of life. His divine spark is our eternal being. And the answer is both: no man yet. We are between both answers living the adventure of Christ that is His Becoming and Micael is our guide and defender in spirit against the enemy who wants to prevent that becoming. This era of the world gives us the space and the means to understand and begin to put into practice a new people, the town of Michael or New Jerusalem. A town where men are united by the simple fact that each one feels the Christ in himself and perceives His salutary power, wanting to work also in others. This goes beyond sympathy unions, by language, by blood, by nation or culture. One of the most important tasks of Michael is to instill in humanity the

power to recognize the reality of the spirit, so that man comes, Step by Step, to experience it and to allow it to transform itself into a force that works effectively in its actions.

Micael is the man's helper, that encourages him in his fight against evil, against adversaries. Michael contains the superior force of evil within certain limits (to the dragon), thus creates a free space in which man himself can develop his own activity.

The experience of nature during the fall, that of dying, illuminated by bright colors, that arises from death, I mean, the resurrection, whose protector is Micael. On this threshold, Micael shows us the way to a higher life, life lived in conscious union with the spirit. In all his acts, Michael, servant of Christ, wants to lead man to an understanding and experience of Christ and all that He has done for us. The lunch table should serve as a silent expression of gratitude for the harvest.. To the extent that the child participates in its arrangement, will awaken in him, in a very gentle way, a relationship with the deepest mysteries of Christianity.

A time of Michael consciously celebrated will encourage the child to have the courage to live and act.

In this Mexican festival, you should feel how the forces that fight exhaustion and fear have to grow in you and that have to develop towards inner initiative., towards free volition, strong and brave; you must conceive the feast of Saint Michael as an exaltation of the powerful will. The celebration of Michael must represent the festival of vigorous volition. In this feast the renewal of the entire state of mind of humanity will be celebrated., that renews all the inner human being.

The Archangel Michael is a symbol that represents the effort of our Inner Being, of our Essence, in his desire to transcend the involutive forces of our human part such as fears, attachments and beliefs.

It also represents the courage we have to abandon the ephemeral illusion of space-time., and open ourselves to the eternal, real and permanent. His sword (right hand) symbolizes the truth, that is to say: Be honest with yourself and with others.

The dragon submitted under his feet represents The Balance between Compassion and Firmness. To explain this more clearly: if the Archangel becomes unbalanced and becomes very compassionate, he falls into permissiveness and the dragon will take advantage of him, he will deceive and manipulate him to defeat him in combat. In the opposite case, if the Archangel becomes very rude and exceeds in force, stop being firm to become violent, falling in anger, destabilizing, losing power and allowing the dragon to win the fight.

"We must eradicate from the soul all fear and fear that the future may bring to man. We must acquire serenity in all feelings and emotions regarding the future. We must look with absolute equanimity at all that may come. And we should only think that everything that comes, will be given to us by a universal direction, full of wisdom. This is part of what we have to learn in this age, know how to live with pure confidence, without any insecurity in existence; trust in the ever-present help of the spirit world. In truth, nothing will have value if we lack courage. Let's discipline our will and seek inner awakening, every morning and every night.

- Rudolf Steiner