At the Waldorf school in Villafranqueza (Alicante) we are thirteen years old since we started teaching the training courses in waldorf pedagogy.

These courses have a duration of three years distributed in 30 weekends called modules or blocks. In them we cover the knowledge of the fundamentals of Waldorf pedagogy, as well as the study of the work methodology in early childhood and primary education.

Each block of the course consists of a theoretical part where the contents of the topic to be developed are taught, and an artistic part: I sing, movement, theater, visual arts, Crafts…. In this way the teacher learns to teach the different subjects in an artistic way, from reading to math, in order to address the children so much their thinking, as to your feeling and will.

In each block the attendees could perceive the following emotional experience: "I have received something that is authentic and has a real foundation in the future of the human being on Earth".

Our course is recognized by the Department of Education as “Formative Interest” in this way it resembles the courses organized by CEFIRE (teacher training center). Having a number of credits (140), depending on the number of hours.

The same Ministry of Education issues the certificates for those teachers who take the course and are in their job bank.

More and more people in our community are interested in this pedagogy. Latest contacts established with the university, where talks have been given to teaching students, have aroused greater interest from young students about our training courses.

Waldorf education is becoming more and more established in our country and kindergarten and primary schools are emerging., which means that every year there is a great demand for Waldorf teachers to meet the needs of these schools.

We convey these needs to our students who are in the last year of training.