Friday at School, Infant and Primary children were able to experience the Fiesta de San Martín with their teachers and classmates.

The songs of the Lantern accompanied the day and although it was in full sunlight, they were able to tour the school yards with their lanterns. In addition, the little ones enjoyed the Teatrillo and ate bretzels.

In the afternoon and evening, many families also continued this celebration in their homes.. Taking a little walk lit by the lanterns, singing and having pumpkin cream dinner together.

Thank you very much to all those who have shared your photos of this special night with the tutors or families of the classroom.

For children it is a great joy to turn on their light in the dark and to feel that with it we will walk in this winter that is approaching.

We hope that this beautiful feast enlightens us until the arrival of Advent and the preparation of Christmas.

We send you some photos of the work of the children in the classrooms and of the experience lived.

A big hug