Workshop work in waldorf education

Modeling, woodcarving, talc stone work, and I work with copper

In Waldorf schools, manual work and handicraft subjects are given an important role within the whole teaching as a whole. This is based on the principle that these activities, in the background, they also develop skills that help structure their thinking: “He who knows how to move his fingers correctly also has flexible ideas and thoughts, and can penetrate into the essence of things ".

Thus manual activities prepare man to put his will into action even to think.

Among the activities carried out in the Waldorf school are: clay modeling, wood carving, talcum stone work, and copper work.

Deep interior experiences children receive through the completion of work in these workshops: expectation, disappointment, ira, resignation, meditation, surprise, new hopes, new efforts of will, intense joy in creative activity.

But emotional participation does not remain only on the psychic plane, but it penetrates to the physical, up to the fingers, fully participating both body and soul.