“I am waldorf” , and, this statement seen from the eyes of ignorance can be strange , oblivious to what we're used to in the current education cycle, It may even sound "weird" and I know it because these same sensations were the ones that flooded me before I met him , to live it and above all to see my children grow up with a surprising desire to go to school , to learn and grow with a smile .

About now 6 years , I was a true stranger from a different education system or alien to what we are used to and it is determined , I am one of those who learned in front of a desk by memorizing everything put ahead and consequently forgetting it immediately after vomiting it on the paper on the given day . That is why the day I met this way of educating , this environment that surrounds children, in its growth , I looked at him with suspicion and distrust.

But I have to say that I give thanks that today I can declare that I was totally wrong , that those misgivings and doubts, they were unfounded , founded on a total ignorance .

Day by day , I have seen my children grow up with love , learn with values ​​that I admire, I have seen how they have accompanied them in their process , how they have laid the foundations for learning before teaching, I have seen that what I learned has penetrated within them in such a way ,which are lifelong learning, and I have seen even embrace a topic , that have taught me more in this environment , from what I could learn otherwise.

Although I have to be honest and say that this is my personal opinion , it's just my experience , that is why I urge you to know , contrast to find out about this way of teaching , about this pedagogy and what surrounds it and that you weigh for yourselves what this can bring to your children , yourselves .

Information, knowledge , it's the biggest thing we have , that's why I invite you to do it, so that you do not close yourself to what you read or hear, whether good or bad , since this will be the stories and experiences of other people who are not you , to meet in the first person , to make future decisions based on their own experiences and knowledge.

I for my part today , i will keep saying , I AM WALDORF