Eurythmy for adults

Eurythmy is an art of the anthroposophic movement created by Rudolf Steiner.

At a pedagogical level, for children it allows them to develop their motor skills and spatial orientation . The choreographies, performed in groups, they also allow the development of social perception in the group. These choreographies are performed with poems or music.

From poetry, the sounds of the word are set in motion and allow the child's psychic world to “get marry” with his body. For example, sound A is a sound that evokes the fact of opening, to marvel. Making that sound with the body in motion, the soul "marries" the corporeal.

At the music level, the child moves the sound and emotional realm of music also in relation to its motor realm, moving to music structure (compass, rhythm and melody), with feet and hands and making spatial shapes.

However, the background of the Eurythmy goes much further than an activity at the service of the child's pisco-motority related to the mental and artistic development (music and poetry). In essence, it is about uniting the human being with the creative forces and energies that live in the universe, those forces being that of creative sounds.

In Biblical mythology, we find, for example, in the Gospel of Saint John the concept that the word (the sounds) they have created the universe. Previously, in greek philosophy, Pythagoras affirmed in substance that "a stone, no matter how hard, it's a frozen sound ”from a more scientific point of view”, cosmologists speak of a song of the universe, of a primordial sound that is then divided into multiple sounds, and that these sound waves are the basis of matter. The sounds then represent the creative forces, organizers of condensed matter.

That is why Eurythmy allows the adult who works it to progressively perceive the forces that work and create in the world. That is why Eurythmy also has a revitalizing effect on the body., what gives birth to the healing and hygienic eurythmy, as an element present in anthrosposophic medicine. On a spiritual level, connecting with these primordial forces performs a work of progressive transformation of our individuality so that it unites its more terrestrial self, it unites with its larger or cosmic self. All this is done in an artistic way, also in relation to the beauty and harmony of the universe

In summary, eurythmy is like a dance -meditation in motion with the sound waves of the universe, that allows the human being to "unite", "Re-link" with the universe. It is the "Yoga" (Hinduism), o Tai Chi (Taoism) of Anthroposophy.