Training in Primary Waldorf Pedagogy

The Alicante Waldorf Pedagogy Training courses are recognized by the Valencian Ministry of Culture, Education and Sports, in the Resolution of 8 July 2014 and in the Resolution of 16 of January of 2015, of formative and pedagogical interest and have a few credits depending on the hours worked, being a Collaborating Entity of the Ministry of Education.

Course structure

The course lasts for 3 years distributed in 30 weekends called modules or blocks, and a mandatory internship period of 1 year, that can be done throughout the school year, in Waldorf Education Schools, belonging to the Association of Waldorf Education Centers of Spain.

Each year consists of 10 modules (140 hours) distributed throughout 10 months according to the calendar indicated below.

Structure of the modules

All modules will be held on the weekend and will have the following structure:


9,00 h – 10,30 h Module work topic

10,30 h – 10,50 h Break / coffee

11,00 h – 12,00 h Artistic activity

12,00 h – 14,00 h Module work topic

16,00 h – 17,00 h Artistic activity

17,15 h – 18,10 h Module work topic

18,30 h – 20,00 h Module work topic


9,00 h – 10,30 h Module work topic

10,30 h – 10,50 h Break / coffee

11,00 h – 12,00 h Artistic activity

12,00 h – 13,00 h Module work topic

13,00 h – 14,00 h Sharing and closure

Calendar, content and teachers:

BlocksDateTopicSpeakerArtistic activitySpeaker

September 2024

21 Y 22

The developmental stages of the child

The first septenium
The second seven
The third seven


Didier Venazio

songs and
I run to







19 Y 20

Teaching writing and
the reading

The need for images.
The letter starting from the




Anaya Puentes

Chalkboard paint

Pilar Torresano

November 2024

16 Y 17

The language of stories
fairies, imagination as
shaping forces of
think and will.

Ana LizánElements
for the table
candle holder and
Mario Ramon

December 2024

14 Y 15

The inner development of

Didier VenazioPractical bases for a playDidier Venazio

January 2025

18 Y 19

Teaching calculus in
the first courses
The whole and the parts.
The one the biggest number.
The daily work in
notebooks of numbers in the
period class.

Anaya PuentesPreparation of the teacher's notebook. Wax paintingPilar Torresano

February 2025

15 Y 16

Childhood illnesses


Nicole GilabertCrafts gifts for birthdays



BlocksDateTopicSpeakerArtistic activitySpeaker

March 2025

15 Y 16

primary group

Grammar from 4a to 6a
The qualities of a verb,
noun and adjective, a
through images and
relationship with the faculties
emotions of the human being
Anaya PuentesShape drawingPilar Torresano

March 2025

15 Y 16

Children's group

Table theaters
Ana LizánCraftsAna LIzan

April 2025

12 Y 13

Goethean observation
The question as an element
transition between looking and


Mario RamonBothmer GymnasticsDidier Venazio

Mayo 2025

17 Y 18

The language of children's drawing
Ana Lizánstanding dollsAna Lizán

*Common blocks for children and elementary school


The total price per year of the course is 950 euros, being the inscription 850 euros more 100 euros for the expense of materials.

The payment will be made in full or may be divided into three quarterly payments distributed as follows:

1º Payment: September 360 euros

2º Payment: December 295 euros

3º Payment: April 295 euros

Waldorf Alicante training registration

For information and registration write to:
or complete the registration form that appears on our website sending the registration form to the secretariat
of the Waldorf Children's School of Alicante with address at c/ Rafael
Rodríguez Albert no10, mail:, tel: 965 17 61 72