Data Protection

Visiting this website does not imply that the user is obliged to provide any information about himself.. In the event that the user provides any personal information, the data collected on this website will be used for the purpose, in the form and with the limitations and rights established by the Organic Law 15/1999, Protection of Personal Data within the framework of Spanish legislation. The data provided by users will be incorporated into the personal files for which they are responsible. Waldorf Free School Association, where they will be kept in Spanish territory by Waldorf Free School Association confidentially.

Waldorf Free School Association You may keep your data once the relationship with the user has ended to comply with legal obligations. Waldorf Free School Association is authorized by the user to make use of the personal data that they have and to carry out with them the necessary computer processing for the provision of each requested service, reserving the right to cancel all data belonging to users who do not meet the criteria of “Activity” that may be required in the Additional Conditions of each service provided.

In the event that the data collected is used for a purpose other than the one for which it was collected or collected, the prior consent of the interested parties will be required..
Waldorf Free School Association has adopted the necessary technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security and integrity of the data, as well as to avoid its alteration, lost, unauthorized access or treatment.

Users who provide their personal data, give their express consent so that they can be communicated for their use to the Companies of the Waldorf Free School Association for the correct provision of the requested service. In the same way, give their consent for said data to be transferred internationally to the different headquarters of Waldorf Free School Association o representatives of Waldorf Free School Association in the world. Users who provide personal data are informed that said communication (to the Companies of Waldorf Free School Association) occurs at the same time that they provide the data to Waldorf Free School Association What's more, The owner expressly consents that the data referred to in this point may be transferred to a third party that provides data processing services on behalf of Waldorf Free School Association and to any legal entity affiliated or participated by Waldorf Free School Association, so that they use them for the sole purpose of the correct provision of each service requested by the owner.

Users whose data are subject to treatment may exercise their opposition rights free of charge., access, rectification and cancellation of your data and revocation of your authorization without retroactive effects in the terms specified in the Organic Law 15/1999, Protection of Personal Data, in accordance with the legally established procedure. These rights may be exercised by writing to the Department responsible for the automated file: (Waldorf Free School Association, Rafael Rodríguez Albert Street, nº 10 from Alicante, Tel: 965 176 172,
At the time of collecting the data, the voluntary or mandatory nature of the data being collected will be indicated.. The refusal to provide the data classified as mandatory will imply the non-provision or the impossibility of accessing the service for which they were requested.. Likewise, Data may be provided on a voluntary basis in order that the services offered can be provided in a more optimal way.

In the event that users of this website must provide their email address to access some of the services offered, they may state that they do not wish to receive any type of communication that Waldorf Free School Association could send. Waldorf Free School Association will make available to users who have registered in some type of mailing list within this website the appropriate mechanisms to unsubscribe from it.
Waldorf Free School Association record IP addresses (that every visitor has at the time of access to the website) exclusively for internal purposes, such as access statistics and market segmentation. Waldorf Free School Association does not associate IP addresses with personally identifiable information, being able to provide third parties with informational extracts of the traffic to this website that do not affect the anonymity of the user, with data on the number of visits to a certain section of the site, traffic flows and trends, etc.

Access to this website may imply the use of cookies. Cookies are small amounts of information that are stored in the browser used by each user so that the server remembers certain information that later only the server that implemented it will read.. Cookies have, usually, a limited duration in time. No cookie allows the user's phone number to be contacted, your email address or any other means of contact. No cookie can extract information from the user's hard drive or steal personal information. Those users who do not wish to receive cookies or want to be informed of their setting can configure their browser for this purpose.. In case of deactivating cookies, Waldorf Free School Association does not guarantee or take responsibility for the correct functioning of the website

Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Policy is part of the General Conditions that govern this Web.


Who is responsible for the processing of your data?


CIF: G03170016

Direction: 10 Rafael Rodriguez Albert Street, 03112, Alicante / Alacant

Phone: 965176172


Data of the Data Protection Officer: ALBADAT CONSULTANT, S.L.


For what purposes are we going to treat your personal data?

At the school we will treat your personal data and that of the student (child, daughter represented legal) with the following purposes:

– Manage schooling.

– In your case, manage the collection of services.

– Organize educational activities, sports and leisure activities such as visits to museums or excursions to places of cultural interest, scientific the historical.

  • Notify family members and other designated contact persons regarding events that may affect the student.
    • Manage in case of hiring or request other complementary services and extracurricular activities (dinning room, orientation, complementary activities, Languages, music school, etc). The request for these services will require the completion of the corresponding form where specific data protection information about these treatments will be provided and the corresponding consents will be requested for the treatment of said data..
  • Manage the receipts of the services and activities described in the previous paragraphs.

– Know, in your case, health data of the student that allows to act promptly and diligently (allergies, chronic pathologies, intolerance to certain foods, chronic medication, intolerance to drugs etc).

– Treatment of student images related to school and extracurricular activities: yearbook, participation in extracurricular activities, sports, playful and educational.

  • -Data collected through the Web in the contact / inquiries / employment section to attend to the requested inquiries or participate in the selection of personnel.

What is the legitimacy for the processing of your data?

The treatments related to compulsory schooling are legitimized by the Organic Law 2/2006, of 3 of May, of Education according to the wording given by the Organic Law 8/2013, of 9 from December, for the improvement of educational quality.

Another legal basis for the treatment is the execution of a contract for optional services (free, subsidized or paid) how are certain complementary services and extracurricular activities. Extended information will be offered in each of the application forms.

The last legal basis for the other treatments indicated above requires the express consent of the interested party.. In the event that it is not granted, it will not prevent or subordinate the processing of data to the main purpose, which is school management..

COMMUNICATION THROUGH ELECTRONIC MEDIA. In the event that you do not authorize, the center will use the informative circulars as a means of communication.

ORIENTATION DEPARTMENT so that you can take the psychopedagogical evaluation tests to guide and prepare a diagnostic report. In the event that it does not authorize, You can request it at the department by filling in the specific authorization form where you will receive specific information on data processing.

Organization of recreational activities, educational and sports. In the event that it does not authorize, You can register the student in the different activities organized by filling in the specific authorization form for each of them in which you will receive specific information on data processing.

Treatment of health data. In the case of not authorizing these treatments, these data necessary for the health and well-being of the student cannot be handled..

For how long are we going to keep personal data?

Personal data will be kept for the duration of the student's schooling. At the end of it, The personal data processed for each of the indicated purposes will be kept for the legally stipulated periods or for the period that a judge or court may require, taking into account the statute of limitations for legal actions.. The data processed based on the consent of the interested party will be kept as long as the aforementioned legal deadlines do not expire., if there is a legal maintenance obligation, or if there is no such legal term, until the interested party requests its deletion or revokes the consent granted. The academic record in accordance with current regulations will be kept indefinitely.

To which recipients will your data be communicated?

The data will be communicated to the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education in accordance with current legislation.

The data related to the collection of the services provided by the College and management of the voluntary fee will be communicated to banks to manage direct debits and may be communicated in the event that we are required to do so to the State Tax Administration Agency..

The data of the collection of the voluntary donation will be reflected in a registry of donations and donors available to the Money Laundering Prevention Service.

In digital profiles and social networks that being North American can transfer data to the USA, so we recommend you to know their privacy policies:






Google *

*(Google+ y Youtube)

OFFICIAL LANGUAGE DEGREES: Transfer of the necessary data to the Official Academies and approved examining centers of those students who take the exams to obtain the academic title. In the case that you do not authorize by checking the box for this purpose in the first layer of information, We will not be able to communicate the student's data and must register directly with that academy or official exam center.

By checking the yes box of the first information layer, Express consent is granted for the creation of emails for the student through these tools.

When working in a shared folder system in the Dropbox or Google Drive app, an international transfer will be made to the United States under the authorization of the US-European Union Privacy Shield agreement. More information:

IMAGE / SOUND RIGHT: The student's image or other information related to him and related to the activities of the School, may be disclosed in the different publications of the center (in paper and electronic format included via the Internet), as well as providing an archive of images to all students of the school year and a repertoire of images of their passage through the center at the end of their schooling. The center is not responsible for the use of these images by third parties. In the event that you do not authorize by checking the boxes for this purpose, the images in which the student appears will not be published.

Job seekers / Internships

The ASOCIACION ESCUELA LIBRE WALDORF will collect data from the candidates through its employment exchange accessible from its website, on-site delivery or when the job seeker sends their resume to the email address . It will treat the identification and contact data, academics and professionals that the candidate includes when registering and completing their profile and / or in their curriculum vitae with the following purposes:

  • Organization of selection processes for hiring employees.
  • Citation for job interviews and evaluation of candidatures.

One year after receiving a curriculum vitae, the WALDORF FREE SCHOOL ASSOCIATION will proceed to its safe destruction.

Security measures we apply

The ASOCIACION ESCUELA LIBRE WALDORF has adopted an optimal level of information security, putting the means and adopting the appropriate technical and organizational measures according to the state of the technology to avoid the loss, misuse, disturbance, unauthorized access or theft of Personal Data.

Data processing of third parties

As a general rule, The Responsible Party will only process the data provided by the owners.. In case of receiving data from third parties, it will be due in advance, inform and request their consent to said persons, or otherwise, the ASOCIACION ESCUELA LIBRE WALDORF will be exempt from any responsibility for the breach of this requirement.

For how long are we going to keep your personal data?

  • Personal data will be kept as long as you remain linked with us.
  • Once you disassociate, The personal data processed for each purpose will be kept for the legally established periods, including the period in which a judge or court may require them according to the statute of limitations for legal actions.
  • The data processed will be kept as long as the aforementioned legal deadlines do not expire., if there is a legal maintenance obligation, or if there is no such legal term, until the interested party requests its deletion or revokes the consent granted.
  • We will keep all the information and communications related to your purchase or the provision of our service, while the guarantees of the products or services last, to attend to possible claims.

What are your rights in relation to data processing?

Anyone has the right to obtain confirmation about the existence of a treatment of their data, to access your personal data, request the rectification of data that is inaccurate or, in your case, request deletion, when among other reasons, the data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or the interested party withdraws the consent granted.

In certain cases, the interested party may request the limitation of the processing of their data, in which case we will only keep them in accordance with current regulations.

In certain cases you can exercise your right to data portability, that will be delivered in a structured format, commonly used or machine readable to you or the new data controller you designate.

You have the right to revoke consent at any time for any of the treatments for which you have granted it..

The school has forms for the exercise of rights that can be requested in the secretary's office or use those prepared by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection or third parties.. These forms must be electronically signed or accompanied by a photocopy of the DNI. If you act through a representative in the same way, it must be accompanied by a copy of your ID or with an electronic signature. You can also contact the Data Protection Officer as indicated at the beginning of this text.

The forms must be presented in person at the school secretary or sent by post or email to the addresses that appear in the "Responsible" section..

You have the right to file a claim with the Spanish Data Protection Agency in the event that you consider that the exercise of your rights has not been adequately addressed..

The maximum term to resolve is one month from the receipt of your request.

In the event of any modification of your data, We appreciate you duly communicating it to us in writing in order to keep your data updated.