Waldorf education training

The Waldorf School of Alicante has been teaching WALDORF PEDAGOGY TRAINING for several years, recognized by the Valencian Ministry of Culture, Education and Sports.
Some of the members of the Coordination have prepared this explanatory video, with images of the work carried out in it, so that you can know what it consists of.
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Fourth primary class

Macarena tell us about the fourth grade of primary school:



First class Waldorf

Imagination in action

In this video you will be able to access information about the accompaniment in first class:

  • The transition to elementary school.
  • The accompaniment of the teachers.
  • The drawing of shapes as a basis for the development of letters and geometry.
  • Artistic and manual activities as a way to develop the child's skills.
  • Dramatic art in the education of the individual.

If you want more information, you can participate in the online open house meeting of the 23 of May. Sign up in the following link: