Waldorf education training

The Waldorf School of Alicante has been teaching WALDORF PEDAGOGY TRAINING for several years, recognized by the Valencian Ministry of Culture, Education and Sports.
Some of the members of the Coordination have prepared this explanatory video, with images of the work carried out in it, so that you can know what it consists of.
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A present for the whole life

Since i got pregnant, I was very clear that I wanted a different education for my daughter Sara.

During my years at the university, I had taught private tutoring to students of all ages and had observed something that worried me a lot..

At some point all children completely lose interest in learning. They live their passage through the school as a real torture, an obligation they have to accept because they have no other choice. I didn't want that for my daughter.

Learning cannot be an obligation, not a torture. That is why from very early on I looked for schools with active methodologies for Sara. In Madrid he was at the Ideo school. She was delighted, because in that school, children were protagonists of their own learning.

She has always been very happy to school. He loved to learn, He had an innate curiosity and kept asking questions and telling us at home all the things he had learned at school. However when we got to Alicante, things have changed.

As soon as you arrive in Alicante, We looked for a school with active methodologies and we enrolled it in one that convinced us, At first. But before long we realized that it was not what it seemed.

In a few weeks we find mountains of homework, of subjects that my daughter was not interested in at all.

A lot of exams and a lot of competition, In 3rd grade!

My daughter started telling me that she didn't want to go to school anymore, and so I made the decision to get her out of there as soon as possible.

It was still a school like so many others, in which children are considered mere containers of information. Where the content is the center of teaching and where the interest or motivation of the child is not taken into account, nor their individual evolution, nor its development and its vital moment.

Look for the options in Alicante, and the truth is that the possibilities are quite small.

I finally found the Waldorf School and fell in love. Okay, we fall in love.

First of all the environment, in wild nature, surrounded by flowers, with a garden cultivated by the students themselves.

Then we fell in love with the methodology. A teaching marked by respect with capital letters.

Respect for the child as a complete and upright human being.

Respect for their physical evolution, psychic and emotional.

Respect for your individuality.

Respect for their interests and their motivations.

In Waldorf I found an education that understands the essence and nature of the child and adapts to it.

A teaching in which you learn with the whole body, with all the senses and not only with the mind.

An education on the move, from experience and experience.

Playing, experimenting, understanding, singing, jumping, Playing, drawing, weaving, cultivating, writing…

We fall in love with the values ​​promoted at school, of how the limits are marked and the love that surrounds each act.

We also fall in love with a beauty that permeates everything.

Children's notebooks, the classrooms, the station tables, all the material used is precious.

My daughter Sara is delighted. He loves his school, and feels a great interest to learn more and more. In fact, she is proud of everything she does at school and everything she learns.

It's something I see in most of your peers. Waldorf children are different. It is something that shows in dealing with them. They are self-confident and very respectful children.

And I speak of respect, not only from them to others, but towards themselves. They understand where the limit is and they also set their own limits. They respect and they know how to enforce. And this in my opinion, it is very important in life.

The Waldorf Alicante school is part of our lives and our family.

And I sincerely believe, what is the best gift we can give our daughter Sara.

A present for the whole life.

So, if you live in Alicante and want to know the Waldorf school, I recommend that you come to:

Online open day.

Saturday, 23 May at 5pm.

It is necessary to reserve a place on the following website:

Delve into the Waldorf experience.

Weekly rhythm

Materials to keep up with the weekly rhythm:

Below we detail the materials that are associated with each of the activities. You just have to click on the links to access the content. Take advantage!


For daily rhythm in this new period “Easter free”:

VIDEO - Finger play: “Two little hare”

Story: “The brave and diligent goblins”

A beautiful dream has been shared by the brave and diligent goblins. The protective elves gave them a big hug that conveyed joy and happiness. From on high, the accompanying elves were excitedly watching this beautiful picture. And next to them was his Angel of the guard, that radiated a warm light and protected them with its white cloak. Is the Angel with his presence whispering to us the first clue of our enigma? "Pay attention to the palate, this one will give you the signal "

The goblins stretch, rub their eyes and look around reality or fantasy? Has it all been an illusion as a result of your reverie? After a pleasant and long rest the little elves wake up in good spirits, willing to bustle

"We are brave and diligent goblins. We like to sing, laugh and dance, but above all we like to work "

But how should they organize to entertain their day for a week? The accompanying goblins whisper instantly: -“Your first mission is to create a roulette, what of colors comes full. In this will appear the chores to make and also the foods with which to prepare rich lunches, that will give strength to the body and will make you very happy. Your protective goblins will help you in all the processes and if you get lost, therefore play and play, You will pick up the rhythm again, checking every day what you have to do. "

A) Yes, the first day of the week Crafts come across. After imagining and thinking, we are going to invent and create with all kinds of materials. With or without tools, hands go to work and make beautiful crafts that will decorate your home. And then, a nice bowl of Arice with milk it will be enough to replenish energy and clear the mind.Do you remember the song to cook it with love? The accompanying goblins sing it non-stop and notice that the rice has a trace inside. And this riddle to the little elves is going to have very entertaining.

The next day, the little goblins will discover the salt paste. But, attention! Although some of you may be tempted to eat it in a corner, It is not for lunch but for to model. Of a great "She was, ticket"you will make many and different pieces; you can use it as plasticine or to create rigid figures. A lemon, a snail and a flower, with or without color ... And if you varnish them they will last until eternity!! Once your creations are finished, It's time to sweeten the palate and fill the tummies with a rich avena or a good fruit mix. Grapes, Orange, Strawberry, apple and melon ...! While we sing a song, you have to help your protective goblins with determination: it's time to cut small pieces like good guys

"We are brave and diligent goblins. We like to sing, laugh and dance, but above all we like to work "

At dawn, start again: let's prepare and smart with vegetable watercolor. With carrots, spinach, beet, blueberries, pineapple and other fruits you will get beautiful paintings. You will also discover an infinity of fascinating colors and smells. To set the mood for this activity, next to your protective goblins, "The Rainbow" you can interpret. And to finish, once they are cold, the paintings ready to work: decorate the salt paste or sketch a unique work. And after so much work, it's time to recover: a big bowl of Mijo it will make your heart happy. The accompanying elves will tell you the secret so that it has a perfect flavor.! This food hides a key; it will provide us with the next clue to our enigma. We are already closer to the end ... Soon you will find out what it is our greatest fortune, that fills every place.

And the fourth day of the week arrives, in which the pan se amasa. But brave goblins can't forget that, previously, their hands should rub with fresh spring water. After washing your hands: "Roll up your sleeves, put on your apron and you're ready to go! With a beautiful song the mwing you are going to prepare: flour, yeast, water and salt, we don't need anything else! But don't forget to let it rest. After the reasonable time, enjoy! Let yourself go: knead, create, savor, modeling ... And something important whisper the accompanying elves: "So your fingers don't get sticky, a little flour we are going to throw them all ". Like good bakers, different breads we make (bars, buns or ciabatta) and while they bake, the pixies leave the kitchen with a lot of shine

"We are brave and diligent goblins. We like to sing, laugh and dance, but above all we like to work "

And after so much effort, a rich man awaits usmeffort: pan warm with salt and oil. Who prefers tomato, honey or jam you can also add; there are a thousand ways to dress. Each line up to your liking.

Al alba, after a restful rest, the pixies jump up and go to work very hard. During this newspaper, the brave goblins must sow, cultivar, planting ... and singing a beautiful song we will create a cozy climate. The first thing will be the garlic cultivation Step by Step: with a head of garlic, chopsticks and fresh water, you will create a small garden. After the sowing season you will enjoy a rich harvest: Scrambled eggs with young garlic with zucchini and wild mushrooms or asparagus. It will be a very good dinner!

And on Friday, as food for the little elves, A great invention: yogurt cTHEn homemade muesli. It will become the breakfast of kings when you mix fermented milk, oat flakes and dried fruit. Adding seeds, nuts, panela or honey ... You will repeat in droves! With the liquid gold they eat it without making noise. “Most of you are crazy about this mix, but especially with pipes., raisins and honey. Like you, the pixies, you know the recipe by heart, you must teach your protective goblins and together you can make this rich recipe ", remember the accompanying goblins from somewhere

"We are brave and diligent goblins. We like to sing, laugh and dance, but above all we like to work "

We finally reached the long-awaited weekend, desired by all the goblins: companions, small and protective. And although at this time they seem like any two days, we must have a party! A different and special day that takes us out of this monotony and gives us joy, although without neglecting our necessary routines. In the morning, we created a great cabin together, the pixies act out playwrights and flick through stories for a while. How about eating pizzas, pancakes or pancakes? For a snack, do we Rosquilla, lemon or butter? With them we have the last clue. In mid afternoon, dance session or costume contest; but relay races or games. And at dusk, Very short movie and popcorn or pajama party, although at ten o'clock at the latest, Everyone in bed!

And between so much fun, the little elves cannot forget their mission. Four letters they have the mysterythat during the story we left resolved. So, when the Guardian Goblin returns, that we hope will be as soon as possible, a great answer you can give united and from the heart. While he comes, your protective elves and companions, they take care of you, they pamper you and teach you that


"Two very sleepy little hares ..."


Recommendations and accompaniment for these days at home

The nursery and nursery teachers, from the Waldorf school in Alicante, we wanted to make the recommendations and support, for these days where we all have to stay home, in a more creative way, entertaining and in line with our school; and for that, we have been inspired by some pixies. These goblins will accompany us every week through a story and every story, in addition to being a healer for the conscience that has been put into its creation, will give us the necessary guidelines so that we can be more organized, we have more resources and we bring Waldorf education to our homes and to our doing.

Regarding these tales, they are for you moms and dads. We recommend that you do not put the recording on children. We, the accompanying goblins, now we have to transfer all our knowledge to you, protective goblins. Our brave and diligent elves need everything that happens in the day to be prepared with love and anticipation., need, above all, rhythm.

We hope you can all enjoy it and that it helps you.


Below we include the audios of the corros, songs, finger games, etc.

To access the letter, click on the button:

Access the lyrics



  1. The sun in the morning.
  2. Daddy's shoes.
  3. Pin and pon is a doll.
  4. We are dwarfs.
  5. Chicks.
  6. land, these your fruits gave us.
  7. Thanks a lot.
  8. Listen to the night wind
  9. The sun wants to sleep.


Finger games:



All the long winter, root children sleep underground. "Wake up little ones, it's time; very soon it will be spring ". And they all stretch, they rub their eyes, and they comb their tangled hair with their fingers.

Now all together and in a hurry they weave their own dresses: needle, pair of scissors, thimble and pins; they are almost ready.

Later, one by one, the children roots to Mother Earth wear their dresses. And all in line show the work done. She, one after another, he reviews them and looks. He tells them smiling: "Get dressed quickly".

Children roots, those who are older, they have not forgotten what their task is. They take the sponges, the brushes, the brushes, and come beetles, come on ladybugs, there's a lot to do!, and everyone gets down to work.

At last spring is approaching in the fields, and like a ribbon of many colors they go out together into the world, and the flowers sing, insects and small herbs.

In the thick forest you will see the lily of the valley bloom. The most playful of all children will surprise a snail and a pretty violet hiding behind a big tree.

All day they play in the stream with the forget me not, and like a queen, the little water lily flower, is rocked on the shore by the children.

In the green meadows, next to the wheat fields, play grass hand in hand, the flower and the insect, Ay, how much joy! Spring is coming!.

When autumn comes again, with the wind and the storm, They will return home where their mother will receive them saying: "Now little ones, go to bed and sleep until next year ".


(adapted Eva for maternal)

Once upon a time there were three little goats. The three were brothers and every day they went for a walk to look for fresh green grass. To get to the meadow where I can graze, they had to cross a great bridge made of stone, through which a rambunctious stream passed and in which an ogre lived. An ogre with a belly as fat as a saucepan and a nose as long as a cane.

The first to cross was the little goat:

Tripi, tripi, tripi, tripi clattered its hooves when the ogre woke up:

-Who goes over the bridge that I'm going to put it in my belly?

-I am the little goat who will drink water and eat fresh grass from the prairies

– Well, I have to eat you for dinner

– No, no, no, don't eat me ogre. Behind me comes my little brother. You can eat him who is a little older.

-Ok i'll let you pass.

The ogre withdrew and the kid continued on his way.

Tripi, tripi, tripi, tripi

The medium kid is coming.

sunroof, sunroof, sunroof, sunroof, his hooves were ringing when the ogre woke up:

-Who goes over the bridge that I'm going to put it in my belly?

-It's me, the medium-sized kid that I'm going to drink water and eat fresh grass from the prairies

– Well, I have to eat you for dinner

– No, no, no, don't eat me ogre. Behind me comes my older brother. You can eat him who is bigger.

-Ok i'll let you pass.

The ogre withdrew and the kid continued on his way.

sunroof, sunroof, sunroof, sunroof

Then the older kid arrives.

Tropo, tropo, tropo, tropo, his hooves were ringing when the ogre woke up:

-Who goes over the bridge that I'm going to put it in my belly?

-I am the oldest kid who will drink water and eat fresh grass from the prairies

– Well, I have to eat you for dinner

– They will save you. With its strong antlers a blow struck him and he rolled , rolled and rolled and the kid went on.

Tropo, tropo, tropo, tropo

The three brothers grazed fresh green grass and when night came they returned to their home.

Tripi, tripi, tripi, tripi

sunroof, sunroof, sunroof, sunroof

Tropo, tropo, tropo, tropo


Once upon a time there were brave and mischievous little pixies who loved to play in the woods. Almost every day they ran nonstop on its stony roads. Some climbed trees, others entertained themselves looking for bugs and many others made precious collections with small treasures.

The goblins loved the bright sun that illuminated almost every day, gave them strength and energy. But, suddenly, one almost spring morning, The Guardian Goblin appeared and sent all the goblins to their homes, but only for a while. They could not leave their homes until they discovered what was the great treasure of their lives. So they obeyed. Some with restlessness, but most with joy, because they had to solve a great enigma and with certainty they knew that, if they joined together, they could get it.

The day after the great and unexpected visit, pixies start a new routine. Few have to get up early and there is also time for stretching, the laughs and yawns. Their protective goblins open the windows and give way to the rays of light that wake up the little ones with a gentle caress.

Once standing, the pixies have to do their homework

"We are brave and diligent goblins. We like to sing, laugh and dance, but above all we like to work "

So willing, They get dressed and put on their little shoes with a curled and pointed end. They fold the sheets well where they sleep during the night and put their dirty clothes to wash! If they do this alone they will have achieved a great achievement!

The next thing is to prepare a healthy breakfast with the protective elves. But brave goblins can't forget that, previously, their hands should rub with fresh spring water.

And now yes, in the right place, the little pixies have a unique kingdom that is only theirs, where they keep their most precious treasures in order. Not many, but they are all magical because, handling them with their hands, make them enter a fantasy world, of unique and creative images, of fun, of entertainment… It's time to play, of laughing, to enjoy
But, attention! after this moment, disorder has taken over his kingdom. It's time to fix this fuss, without excuse and in good spirits.

"We are brave and diligent goblins. We like to sing, laugh and dance, but above all we like to work "

Protective goblins, prepare the environment soon, Well, it is time to clear your mind a bit.: Hands full of paint, other bread dough days, other beeswax… the question is not to stop.

Again they clean their hands in the fresh water of that spring and without hesitation twice they all start dancing. This is the round that always makes them vibrate.

It's time for lunch and everything is ready on the table. The goblins with their buttocks, they soon find their place. Already well seated and before starting, following the voice of the protective goblin and paying close attention, they activate their fingers and with it their imitation.

page1image35476160 page1image35472128 page1image35476928 page1image35477120 page1image35477312 page1image35475776 page1image35477696 page1image35477888

The candle is lit, you should no longer get up and sing your voices, a nice prayer will sound. Y, at last, now yes! ¡Good profit!”.

The goblins blow out the candle, right at the end, but a little before the thanks should give. These brave little ones already want to go play, and we tell them with care, first the table must be removed.

"We are brave and diligent goblins. We like to sing, laugh and dance, but above all we like to work "

Finished this task, the pixies return to their great challenge Did you forget that they had to guess what our greatest fortune is?: Gemstones, jewelry, gold or maybe an animal? You have to think a little and start running, to dance, playing, to be prepared. To any game that allows these brave men to move everything, his whole body. It does not matter if there is no garden, or a small balcony, You can always adapt a piece of the room.

– We alone!, they pronounce decisively. Well, our dear elves want to clean up the living room.

"We are brave and diligent goblins. We like to sing, laugh and dance, but above all we like to work "

Running they are going to wash, when listening to the song, how soft and well intoned, sings the protective goblin.

They set the table with enthusiasm, Well, it is one more task, of these that they like so much and what makes them enjoy. Mealtime is magical, can not be doubted, Well, everyone in this place always eats together.

It is time to rest so that the eyes can relax, but first you have to brush those teeth. - "Look brave goblin like the eldest does, Well, you always have to learn paying close attention ”.
The little pixies play when they wake up and in a little while they already ask to be able to have a snack.
Bath time comes and everything starts to stop, the atmosphere is calmer and peace begins to reign.

After a light dinner, they want to brush their teeth, Well, it is what corresponds if you are a brave goblin.

The best moment arrives, time to go to sleep. The protective elves are going to tell you a short story so that your dreams are of love and peace. The Angels, even if you don't see them they are also. Close your eyes, hear, to feel, breathe and dream.
The night puts its accent and gives us a meeting. We can't see it, but everything comes from there, If you sleep soundly when you wake up, I assure you that the answer you are looking for will come to you as a whisper.

FDO: The accompanying goblins


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