By Ana Gómez. School mother.

The arrival of the cool morning is appreciated after such an intense summer; a month ago the school opened its doors for which children, Anxious girls and families crossed with our backpack full. Full of expectations, full of fears, of illusions, of doubts, of desire, tired, stress, etc., Each with his own. Just like our children when they start to walk, potholes disturb us, we stop walking when the road is not flat and easy. At that moment we stop, we observe, we calculate the risk and sometimes decide that it is too much for us, backing up to safety. How boys and girls manage to overcome their fears and set out to explore the world? There are two reasons that make fear a motor and not a brake.

One reason is the horizon I want to reach. Another is the confidence that I have in achieving it.

The horizon of our school is a better situation in every way, is to create together a place that is needed in the world, a contribution to improving the educational landscape, a school that remains generation after generation accompanying little people in their personal development, integral, as beings capable of being free and loving. Without a doubt a beautiful horizon.

Trust is more difficult to conquer because it does not depend only on me, it also depends on where you look for it. I can trust myself but distrust the others who are part of this community, it won't go well. I can trust others to work hard but mistrust my ability to contribute something. It won't work out either.

Confidence in a community project is like the dance of a corps de ballet, everyone has their role, everyone has to feel the music, each one from who is, but contributing to the group the best it can give. That's the challenge, look at the horizon, fall in love with the road, Trust in yourself, lean on others, know that we have in our hands a treasure and the opportunity to do something great for our children and those of many families that are to come. We will let fear be a brake or motor to continue moving forward?

All of nature is a yearning to serve.

Serve the cloud, serve the wind, serve the groove. Where there is a tree to plant, plant it yourself; where there is a mistake to amend, amend it yourself; where there is an effort that everyone dodges, you accept it.

Be the one who moves the stone out of the way, the hatred of the hearts and the difficulties of the problem.

There is a joy to be healthy and a joy to be fair; but there is the beautiful, the immense joy of serving.

How sad would the world be if everything in it was done, if there were not in it a rose bush to plant; a company to start.

Do not fall into the mistake of believing that only great jobs are earned; there are small services: water a garden, order some books, comb a girl. Serving is not just the task of lower beings.

God, that bears fruit and light, it serves. It could be called like that: The one who serves. And he has his eyes in our hands and he asks us every day: Did you serve today? To who? To the tree, to your friend, to your mother?

Gabriela Mistral